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The Cousin Eddies

Invite The Cousin Eddies to your Christmas

Want to experience The Cousin Eddie's this holiday season?  

There are a few ways to capture your memories. 

Hang out with The Cousin Eddies

Bringing a little snot and cheer to any holiday gathering.

House Tours

Our version of carolers...

Send The Cousin Eddies as a surprise to your favorite family members, friends or neighbors. They will do a 10 minute skit and allow for the party to take photos with the Eddies and the famous RV in front of their own house. 

Kidnap Your Boss

Schedule the Eddies to come into your office to kidnap your boss, Mr Shirley style!  Includes the big red bow, a gag and dog chains, the Eddies will bring the boss outside to the RV for a very special photo opportunity for the staff. 

Party Rentals

Bring the Eddie's and the RV to your holiday party for the best Photobooth opportunity of their lives!

Hourly rental (2 hour minimum).

Host a Fundraiser

The Eddies aren't shy when it comes to charity!  Get your community leaders to dress up as Eddies for the day and have people donate money to take their picture with the RV and their celebrity Eddies.

Photo Events 

Offer to host a public facing event at your business and we will promote it to the general public to drive traffic and attention to you.  The public pays a donation to have their photo taken with the RV and the Eddies.

Arrive in Style

Who needs an UBER when you can ask The Cousin Eddies to take you to your holiday events in style.  The RV can hold 8 guests comfortably.  Egg nog included.

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